Granny Squares Experiment

Back in the summer of 2010 I started a crochet granny square blanket. I had seen a lot of granny square blankets that I admired and I started one myself. I decided to make it from yarn I already had on hand, so I chose 10 colors of fingering weight yarn and started making granny squares. I made the first, weighed it and computed that I could make about 140 squares, which would lead to a blanket of reasonable size.P1010442_cropped_smallAfter about 30 squares I lost interest. I put the project in hibernation, worked on something else and over the years I have picked it up multiple times. I am now a little over halfway done, with about 76 squares finished. I have changed a lot in the four years since I started this blanket. My crafty interests have also changed over time. I am not terribly fond of the colors any more.

So there is no way that I am going to make another 70 granny squares for a project I am no longer excited about. I am toying between two ideas. The first is to sew them together and give the blanket to someone who likes the colors and has a small kid, since it will be a kid-sized blanket. The second idea is to sew the blanket together and then have a crochet experiment (I am all for experiments!). I want to try to make an asymmetrical blanket with granny squares and granny stripes. It will be fun, I like mindless crochet, if it ends up ugly I can find someone who likes it or donate it.

Both ideas involve sewing the granny squares together, so that is what I will do. Make a few more so I have 80 of them and start sewing.

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