Beautiful spring – Embrace the Cycle



I am continuously amazed by the beauty of our spring this year. The glorious days filled with sunshine, the multitude of flowers that greet me every time I look out the window, the beginnings of growing vegetables, the butterflies that dance through the sky, all fill me with joy. Spring is a miracle and this year we are fortunate enough to have a wonderful one.
In the midst of my admiration I remind myself that all seasons have their charms. There is beauty in all weather and all states of our garden. The beauty of spring exists thanks to the emptiness of winter and nothing beats the cosiness of autumn.

But it is not just nature that goes through cycles, I go through cycles as well. I would love to be energetic all the time, but some weeks I just do not have the energy to do all I want. Some weeks are for rest and nurture, others are for giving and building.

I would love for things to always be the same. But the reality is that they are not. Just like Spring will be followed by Summer, it is inevitable that some weeks I will feel great and others not so much. Some days I am full of ideas and other days I just want to knit the same stitches over and over again and not worry about where my design is going.

Going with the flow means accepting that things are not always the same. That some days you go up, and on others you inevitably go down. I remind myself that the up/down movement exists, that it is something that is there, that I should not fight it.



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