Embroidery Inspiration

I was into cross-stitch embroidery when I was a teenager. It was not something that I would have owned to anyone, because although it was a lot of fun, I knew it to be very uncool.

I only ever made a few projects, a sampler of English cottages, a rooster that was supposed to end up on a pillow, and a small star sign motif. I had a lot of fun making these, but at the same time I was not very much into the frilly, granny-ish look of most of the motifs I found in magazines (this was before the internet-days). Given that I would never display what I was making I thought embroidery was pretty pointless, not to mention uncool, so I dropped it for other things, such as knitting.

Lately I have been noticing some inspirational embroidery online: I love Dottie Angel’s work and then I saw a picture of this embroidery wall at Angry Chicken and thought, wow, embroidery can be cool. The final push was given by the Dutch magazine ‘Flow’ that ran a piece on embroidery last month. I have dug up my old projects and now I am itching to embroider something. I don’t know yet what it will be, but I will make something.

Some of my old embroidery projects.

Some of my old embroidery projects.

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