Melon-Yogurt Smoothie

Last week I found a quarter of a Cantaloupe melon in our fridge. The melon was very ripe, bordering on over-ripe, so the flavour was not great any more. But then I remembered that I used to make melon-smoothies last summer. The way I made the smoothie is super simple and I just used the melon and some low-fat runny yogurt.

Here is what I did:
* Remove the skin of the melon and melon into big chunks.
* Puree pieces of melon using blender or immersion blender.
* Add yogurt, the amount you add is up to your personal taste, but I added about half the amount of melon I had in yogurt, so I had about 150 ml of melon puree and I added about 75 ml of yogurt. When in doubt: add a little, blend, taste to see if you have to add a little more.

That is it! You could add some honey to sweeten your smoothie, I decided mine did not need it. Easy! But very delicious!


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