A Finished Granny Blanket

I worked on this blanket a lot over the past few weeks. I decided to finish it and move on.
I joined the granny squares using this tutorial. It gave a very neat finish to the seamed edges.


After joining the squares I was worried that the edges would be too tight. I decided to block the blanket, to see what it would do. While wet, some a lot of the greenish color ran, so the cream edges of the granny squares are now a light minty green.

Nevertheless I decided to embrace the mint green borders and call it a day. The blanket grew quite a bit during blocking, it will be nice as a lap blanket, and besides, I wanted to move on, ok? So I looked for a nice crochet edging, found a couple of great looking ones (here, here and here), and in the end decided to go for this one.

P1010647Quite simple, but a good finish to the blanket, it was very quick and then I just had to weave in the ends and guess what? I was done, ready to move on to the next project.
I am still not very fond of the color combinations I chose, but it is a nice blanket with a nice drape to it and I am sure I will use it to keep my legs warm.

Done, ready to move on to the next project. Did I mention I was looking forward to moving on?

P1010661 P1010660

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