Yogurt-based smoothies

Bananas are the only type of fruit/veg that I dislike and avoid as much as possible. I try to eat them every year or so, but every time I do not like the smell and the taste. I once tried drinking a smoothie when we were out for lunch, but found out it had banana in it, so after one sip I traded it for J’s soda.

After that one experience I never gave smoothies much though, assuming they would always have banana in them. But last summer I started making melon-yogurt smoothies, the way J’s mom used to make them when he was a kid. Recently we had some frozen redcurrants that I wanted to use in a smoothie and I googled for recipes. I found a standard recipe for yogurt-based smoothies here (for non-Dutch people: use 250 grams of fruit and 250 ml yogurt, or 125 ml yogurt and 125 ml milk). Since the redcurrants are quite sour, I added some honey to sweeten.

So I want to pass on the message: you can make nice smoothies without bananas!


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