On Developing a Baking Habit

I have always loved baking: cakes, cookies, apple pie etc. But I never seem to get around to it. I first blamed it on the lack of a decent oven, then on a lack of time, I was always able to find an excuse.

After thinking about it some more I realized that I put off baking because I am not organized for it. It is not in my habit. It seems a hassle when you want to bake something, you first have to figure out a recipe, then you have to buy ingredients and then you carve out an hour to make your cake, put it in the oven, etc. It can easily become a half-day project if you tackle it like this

So I have thought out a three step action plan to get into the baking habit:
1. Gather recipes that I want to try.
2. Make sure I have the ingredients on hand to make a few of these recipes.
3. Fit baking into my weekend. It totally makes sense to me to bake on the weekend, when we are mostly at home to eat it, or visiting family and then I can bring it.

I have already solved step one. I recently rediscovered a book that I had bought a long time ago, but never used, which has a ton of recipes that I would love to try. I guess that’s why I bought it in the first place. So I intend to slowly bake my way through this book. I am slowly collecting the ingredients.


And last weekend I made something from this book. It required just four ingredients: frozen puff pastry, pesto, cherry tomatoes and goat’s cheese. The result was pronounced delicious by both of us. It feels a bit like I cheated because the pastry was store bought, but still I have made my first step towards a baking habit.



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