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Practising Hand-Lettering

Apparently hand-lettering is ‘in’ right now. I am not used to being interested in stuff that is ‘in’, usually stuff I like is considered very uncool. But right now I have been caught by a hype with my doodling and … Continue reading

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Book Thoughts: Sting in the Tale, by Dave Goulson

In 2013 I read the, for me, impressive number of 45 books. I already know that for 2014 I will get nowhere near this number, since so far this year I have only read three. The last one is the … Continue reading

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Even the Seed Pods Are Beautiful

Remember the orange poppies from this post? I recently cut out some of the seed pods because, although they are very lovely, we don’t want our entire garden to be filled by them. The seed pods themselves are beautiful as … Continue reading

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On Developing a Baking Habit

I have always loved baking: cakes, cookies, apple pie etc. But I never seem to get around to it. I first blamed it on the lack of a decent oven, then on a lack of time, I was always able … Continue reading

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T-shirt Copy in Progress

I am a T-shirt girl. I have a closet full of t-shirts in different materials, cuts, and colors. I sometimes wear blouses if I want to dress somewhat more formally, but my natural preference is a nice t-shirt with a … Continue reading

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Not everything I make works out

Not everything I make works out. I soaked some chickpeas over the weekend, intending to make hummus, but I did not get around to it. After being in the water for two days they had developed some fungus and I … Continue reading

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From Poncho to Pillow

One of my first knitting projects was a poncho. Made out of novelty-like yarn, it was warm, but too short for my upper body and my neck was always cold while wearing it, so I never used it. The poncho … Continue reading

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