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Not everything I make works out

Not everything I make works out. I soaked some chickpeas over the weekend, intending to make hummus, but I did not get around to it. After being in the water for two days they had developed some fungus and I … Continue reading

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Tidy a Shelf

I do most of my housework on the weekends. If I can stay on top of the regular chores, such as laundry, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms etc, I am usually pretty content. Sometimes I have time to do something ‘extra’, something … Continue reading

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A simple gift

I always feel really awful when someone I love a lot has a birthday and I can’t think of a good gift. Thankfully this does not happen all the time, but last week I was in that situation again when … Continue reading

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Another garden beauty

This year I try to remember to take photographs of the flowers in our garden. To capture the beauty that surrounds us every day. Today I want to showcase the understated beauty of our Solomon’s seal (Polygonatum). So simple, but … Continue reading

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Rhubarb is back!

Nowadays you can buy a lot of fruits and vegetables year-round. Much as I love being able to eat tomatoes in winter, finding seasonal fruits and vegetables in the supermarket (or in our garden!) always makes me happy. Because seasonal … Continue reading

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Goodbye my Shoes

I don’t remember when I bought these shoes. I know that it was at least five years ago, before we moved into our house, and that I was worried about the silver straps being too shiny. I have worn these … Continue reading

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Three weeks ago today I attended the wedding of a cousin I had not seen for a long time. My dad had been asked to be the photographer and I came along as his assistant. I had looked forward to … Continue reading

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